TWICE’s Jihyo Makes Stunning Solo Debut with ‘Killin’ Me Good’ From Mini-Album ZONE

JYP Entertainment has unveiled the music video for TWICE member Jihyo’s solo debut track “Killin’ Me Good” from her first mini-album ZONE. The song features a rhythmic and groovy sound complemented by Jihyo’s deep voice and impactful lyrics. The MV showcases Jihyo navigating through various emotions, portraying her breakup in a vivid and emotional way.

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Solo Debut Album “ZONE”

JYP Entertainment releases the highly anticipated music video for TWICE member Jihyo's solo debut single, 'Killin' Me Good,' from her first mini-album ZONE. The track features a rhythmic and groovy sound, showcasing Jihyo's deep voice and beautiful lyrics. Find out more about the emotional journey depicted in the MV and the exciting contents of her album.

Jihyo’s debut album “ZONE” comprises several tracks, including “Talkin’ About It” featuring American rapper 24kGoldn, “Wishing On You,” “Closer,” “Don’t Wanna Go Back” featuring Heize, “Room,” and “Nightmare.” Notably, Jihyo actively participated in writing and composing all the b-sides of the album, allowing fans to experience her creative expression. The album’s highlight trailer offers a sneak peek into the diverse range of songs, some featuring collaborations with renowned artists.

In particular, “Killin’ Me Good” stands out for its powerful lyrics written by J.Y. Park, accompanied by the composition of Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, and Marcus Lomax. The MV’s depiction of Jihyo’s emotional journey post-breakup adds depth to the song’s themes.

Jihyo’s Musical Evolution

Jihyo’s solo debut is a significant milestone for both her and TWICE fans. Known for her powerful vocals and charismatic presence within the group, Jihyo has seamlessly integrated her individual sound into the mini-album. Her genuine emotions and character shine through tracks like “Closer” and “Room,” where she personally composed the verses. Additionally, “Wishing On You” showcases her charming vocals as she portrays the excitement of longing for someone throughout the night.

Insight into TWICE’s Activities

Notably, this isn’t the only exciting development for TWICE fans. Prior to Jihyo’s solo debut, the subgroup MISAMO, comprising Mina, Sana, and Momo, made their unit debut in Japan with the song “Do Not Touch.” The music video showcases the members’ stunning visuals and unique charms, guiding viewers into the world of MISAMO. The track, an R&B melody, highlights the individual tones and feelings of each member.

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These recent developments in the entertainment world offer fans insights into their favorite artists’ personal and professional lives, sparking excitement and curiosity.

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