Pankaj Tripathi Opens Up About His Strong Bond With Akshay Kumar In The Success Of ‘OMG 2’

In a recent revelation, Pankaj Tripathi, the acclaimed actor, is basking in the glory of his latest release, ‘OMG 2’. The movie’s success has given him the chance to shed light on his deep connection with co-actor Akshay Kumar. Tripathi acknowledges that it was Akshay Kumar who recommended his name for the film, cementing their professional relationship even further.

A Tale of Collaboration and Recognition

A Bond Strengthened Over Time

Actor Pankaj Tripathi shares insights into his thriving connection with co-actor Akshay Kumar during the triumph of 'OMG 2'. Tripathi discloses Akshay's recommendation for his role and commends his diligence and dedication.

This isn’t the first time Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar have shared the screen. ‘OMG 2’ marks their second collaboration, the first being in ‘Bachchan Pandey’, which hit theaters in 2022. Tripathi appreciates the opportunity to work alongside Akshay for the second time, emphasizing the strength of their rapport.

A Token of Appreciation

Akshay Kumar’s Recommendation

During a conversation with IANS, Tripathi reveals that Akshay Kumar’s endorsement played a crucial role in his involvement in ‘OMG 2’. The actor acknowledges that his role in the film was suggested by none other than Akshay Kumar himself, showcasing the camaraderie between the two stars.

An Appreciation for Hard Work

Admiring Akshay Kumar’s Dedication

Tripathi doesn’t hold back in praising Akshay Kumar’s work ethic. He commends the seasoned actor for his relentless dedication to his craft. According to Tripathi, Akshay has delivered a remarkable performance in ‘OMG 2’, which he has personally witnessed and appreciates.

A Glimpse into the Box Office

Success Amidst Competition

‘OMG 2’ faced the cinematic battleground alongside ‘Gadar 2’, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, both films releasing on August 11. Despite the competition, ‘OMG 2’ managed to make a substantial impact, raking in Rs 10.26 crore on its opening day.

The Road to Milestones

Approaching the Century Mark

As the days passed, ‘OMG 2’ continued its successful streak at the box office. Within its first five days, the film amassed an impressive Rs 79.47 crore, inching ever closer to the coveted Rs 100 crore milestone.

Industry Insights

Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh’s Verdict

Renowned trade analyst Taran Adarsh weighed in on the movie’s performance. He predicted that ‘OMG 2’ will achieve the remarkable feat of entering the century club, indicating a substantial continuation of its box office success.

Acknowledging the Love

Akshay Kumar’s Gratitude

Akshay Kumar, now known as X on Twitter, took to the platform to express his gratitude for the overwhelming support. He thanked the audience for their unwavering love for both ‘OMG 2’ and ‘OhMyGadar’, referring to the latter as having achieved a significant milestone in Indian film history.

As ‘OMG 2’ continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, Pankaj Tripathi’s acknowledgment of Akshay Kumar’s pivotal role and their strong bond serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and mutual respect in the world of cinema.

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