Sudha Kongara Opens Up On Paruthiveeran Controversy: ‘My Madhi Is Inspired By Muthazhugu

Director Sudha Kongara, known for Soorarai Potru, speaks out on the ongoing Paruthiveeran controversy. The acclaimed filmmaker took to her official social media handle to share her perspective.

Background of the Dispute

"Director Sudha Kongara breaks her silence on the Paruthiveeran controversy, affirming that her character 'Madhi' draws inspiration from 'Muthazhugu.' Read on to explore her perspective and the ongoing dispute in Tamil cinema."

The Paruthiveeran controversy centers around a long-standing dispute between producer KE Gnanavel Raja and director Ameer Sulthan. The conflict dates back 17 years, originating during the release of the 2007 Tamil film Paruthiveeran, which marked the debut of actor Karthi. Ameer directed the film, with Gnanavel Raja as the producer. The disagreement arose over funding issues, leading to a halt in production. Ameer invested his own money to complete the film.

Sudha Kongara’s Statement

Sudha Kongara responded to the controversy after Gnanavel Raja claimed that she criticized Ameer’s filmmaking abilities. She clarified, “Feb 2nd, 2016. I got a call from Ameer Anna… my Madhi is inspired by Muthazhugu.” She emphasized the influence of Muthazhagu, a character from Paruthiveeran, on her own work. Kongara highlighted Muthazhagu as one of the greatest female characters written by a man.

Legal Battle Details

The legal battle between Gnanavel Raja and Ameer was reignited recently when Karthi celebrated his 25th year in cinema without inviting director Ameer. The dispute has been ongoing for years, involving financial disagreements, and was revived amid recent events. Rumors suggest Sivakumar, Karthi’s father, played a role in the film’s release under Gnanavel Raja’s name.

Sudha Kongara’s statement serves as a defense of Ameer Sulthan and an acknowledgment of the influence of Paruthiveeran’s characters on her own work. The controversy sheds light on the complexities within the Tamil film industry and the enduring disputes that can arise over time.

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