EVNNE’s Debut Journey: Insights From Boys Planet To Harry Potter

Boys Planet, the male counterpart of the popular Girls Planet 999, concluded earlier this year, birthing a nine-member boy group, ZEROBASEONE. Among the spotlighted participants were KEITA, PARK HANBIN, LEE JEONGHYEON, YOO SEUNGEON, JI YUNSEO, MUN JUNGHYUN, and PARK JIHOO, who later announced their debut as EVNNE.

The Debut Interview: Target: ME and Harry Potter Spells

Discover EVNNE's exclusive interview as they open up about their debut post-Boys Planet, sorting into Harry Potter houses, and their experience singing Indian songs. Read on for behind-the-scenes revelations and their plans for the future.

A few weeks after their September debut with the mini-album “Target: ME,” EVNNE discusses their music video “TROUBLE,” which features references to Harry Potter spells. The interview delves into their thoughts on the group’s name and their passion for composing and lyric writing.

Unveiling Hidden Talents: Singing Indian Songs

KEITA reveals a set of songs saved for EVNNE’s debut, sparking curiosity about other members’ hidden gems. The group expresses their passion for composing, promising unique contributions to their future albums. They also share their experience covering the Indian song “Heeriye.”

Behind the Scenes of Iconic Moments: Dance Battles and Harry Potter Fandom

KEITA reflects on the iconic dance battle during Boys Planet, sharing thoughts on the challenger’s dance style. The members reveal their shared love for Harry Potter, identifying with Gryffindor qualities. They discuss the making of the “TROUBLE” music video and highlight their favorite scenes.

Post-Boys Planet Camaraderie

EVNNE reflects on their continued friendship with Boys Planet participants, including ZEROBASEONE members. Despite scheduling challenges, they maintain strong bonds, supporting each other’s endeavors.

Learnings from Boys Planet and Future Aspirations

Members PARK HANBIN, JI YUNSEO, and MUN JUNGHYUN share their fondest memories and key learnings from Boys Planet. They credit the program for laying a strong foundation for EVNNE’s debut preparation.

Gratitude to Fans and Future Endeavors

EVNNE expresses gratitude to their fans for unwavering support from trainee days to debut. They pledge to work harder, promising to repay the love with even more remarkable music and performances.

In this exclusive interview, EVNNE opens up about their journey, influences, and aspirations, providing fans with an intimate glimpse into the world of this emerging K-pop sensation.

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