Sriram Raghavan Revives Arun Kheterpal Biopic: Shooting Set To Begin In October 2023

After four years since its initial announcement, director Sriram Raghavan is finally breathing life into the long-awaited Arun Kheterpal biopic. The pre-production stage is underway, with filming scheduled to commence in October 2023.

Background and Delays

After a four-year hiatus, acclaimed director Sriram Raghavan is breathing life into the Arun Kheterpal biopic. Pre-production is already in motion, and shooting is slated to kick off in October 2023. Discover exclusive details about the cast and the timeline for this long-awaited cinematic venture.

The biopic was originally announced in October 2019 by filmmaker Sriram Raghavan and producer Dinesh Vijan of Maddock Films. The project, titled “Ikkis,” was intended to star Varun Dhawan as the lead, marking a reunion between Raghavan and Dhawan after their acclaimed collaboration on “Badlapur” in 2015. However, the film’s progress was hampered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in significant delays.

Renewed Efforts and Passion

Following Varun Dhawan’s withdrawal from the project, Sriram Raghavan’s dedication to the Arun Kheterpal biopic remained steadfast. The director has been nurturing the project since 2018, determined to bring the remarkable story to the silver screen. The casting of Agastya Nanda and Dharmendra, coupled with the initiation of pre-production, signals a revival of his fervor for the project.

Production Details

Sriram Raghavan has entered the pre-production phase for “Ikkis” and is set to commence shooting in the second week of October. The shooting schedule spans approximately six months, encompassing Agastya Nanda’s transformation and the portrayal of significant sequences from the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Authenticity and Dedication

To ensure authenticity in the portrayal of military elements, Sriram Raghavan is collaborating with military personnel to undertake extensive research and preparation. The filmmaker’s commitment to accurately representing Arun Kheterpal’s journey is reflected in his meticulous approach.

Agastya Nanda’s Journey

Agastya Nanda, who is undergoing physical and emotional preparation for the role, is expected to bring depth and sincerity to his portrayal of the young war hero. His debut film, “The Archies,” is also highly anticipated, with his second project, “Ikkis,” promising to further showcase his acting prowess.

Upcoming Releases

Sriram Raghavan is not only invested in “Ikkis” but is also gearing up for the release of “Merry Christmas,” a romantic thriller starring Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15 in both Hindi and Tamil versions.

The revival of the Arun Kheterpal biopic, under the visionary guidance of Sriram Raghavan, marks a significant step in the film’s journey to the silver screen. With Agastya Nanda and Dharmendra on board and a dedicated team working behind the scenes, “Ikkis” promises to be a biographical drama that pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of its real-life protagonist.

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