Armaan Kohli’s Ex Neeru Randhawa Settles 2018 Physical Assault Case After 5 Years

Armaan Kohli, a well-known face in the entertainment industry, gained fame through his appearances on TV and in films. However, his reputation took a hit in 2018 when his ex-girlfriend Neeru Randhawa accused him of physical assault. The incident sparked a legal battle that has finally come to a conclusion after five years

Armaan Kohli’s Career Trajectory

In a significant development, the long-standing legal battle over the 2018 physical assault case involving former Bigg Boss contestant Armaan Kohli and his ex-girlfriend Neeru Randhawa has finally come to an end. After five years of legal proceedings, the two parties have reached a settlement, bringing closure to the high-profile case. Discover the details of the settlement and the history of the case that made headlines back in 2018.

Armaan Kohli’s career in the entertainment industry spans both television and film. Despite being a recognizable face, he struggled to make a lasting impact. However, he regained the spotlight with his participation in the reality show Bigg Boss in 2013. Unfortunately, in 2018, his career was once again marred by the allegations made by his former girlfriend.

The Allegations and Legal Proceedings

In 2018, Neeru Randhawa, a British citizen, filed an FIR against Armaan Kohli, claiming that he had assaulted her. She stated that Kohli had pushed her down the stairs, resulting in serious injuries. The case progressed to court, where the two parties eventually reached a mutual settlement. Kohli agreed to pay INR 1 crore to Neeru as part of the settlement.

Twists and Turns

The legal battle did not end with the initial settlement. Neeru Randhawa pursued further action when one of the cheques provided by Kohli bounced. Last month, the court ordered Armaan Kohli to clear the remaining payment of INR 50 lakhs. This development marked a significant step towards the resolution of the prolonged case.

The Settlement and Closure

In a recent turn of events, the case has finally come to an end. Representatives from both sides, advocate Taraq Sayyad for Kohli and advocate Kushal Mor for Randhawa, presented a settlement document in court. Kohli, who reportedly faced financial challenges, managed to secure Rs 30 lakhs by pawning his family’s jewelry. Randhawa agreed to accept this amount, bringing the case to a close.

The Past Relationship

Neeru Randhawa and Armaan Kohli had maintained a secretive relationship for three years. The relationship came to public attention when Neeru filed an FIR against Kohli in 2018, alleging assault. The incident reportedly occurred during their stay together in a Mumbai flat and was fueled by heated arguments over monetary issues. Kohli was subsequently arrested in Lonavala.

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