Ravie Dubey Sets New Record With 28-Minute Monologue In Upcoming Show Lakhan Leela Bhargava

Actor Ravie Dubey, who is set to star in the upcoming show “Lakhan Leela Bhargava,” has accomplished an impressive feat by delivering a 28-minute long monologue in a single take for the series.

Monologue in One Take

Dubey’s performance sets a new record as he delivers a lengthy 28-minute monologue in one continuous shot, showcasing his dedication and talent.

Streaming from August 21

Actor Ravie Dubey astonishes as he delivers a 28-minute monologue in a single take for the upcoming show Lakhan Leela Bhargava. The monologue, a part of a courtroom scene, marks one of the longest single-shot performances in the world of entertainment.

The highly anticipated series, “Lakhan Leela Bhargava,” is scheduled to start streaming on August 21, offering audiences the chance to witness Dubey’s remarkable monologue.

Dubey’s Impressive Journey

Known for his exceptional performances in various OTT platforms, Ravie Dubey previously garnered attention for his role in the thriller web series “Matsya Kaand” in 2021. His return to the screen with “Lakhan Leela Bhargava” promises to captivate viewers once again.

Astonishing Feat in Courtroom Drama

Dubey’s monologue is a pivotal part of the show, where he portrays a criminal lawyer based in Lucknow. The monologue serves as his concluding statement in a courtroom scene, showcasing his acting prowess and dedication to his craft.

Pushing Boundaries as an Actor

In his own words, Dubey expressed his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft and delivering unique and captivating content to his audience. He views this 28-minute monologue as a groundbreaking opportunity that adds depth and gravitas to the show.

Dubey’s Record-Breaking Achievement

Ravie Dubey takes pride in accomplishing a monumental achievement with this monologue. He emphasizes that the courtroom setting allowed for such a daring attempt, making it one of the longest single-shot monologues in the world.

Anticipation for “Lakhan Leela Bhargava”

The trailer for “Lakhan Leela Bhargava” has already piqued the interest of fans, showcasing Ravie Dubey’s character in a courtroom drama setting. The series is set to premiere on JioCinema on August 21, promising an engaging and captivating experience for viewers.

Continuing Endeavors

Aside from his role in “Lakhan Leela Bhargava,” Ravie Dubey’s career continues to flourish with the film “Farradday” in his lineup. Furthermore, he is taking on the role of a producer, displaying his multifaceted talents within the entertainment industry.

Ravie Dubey’s remarkable achievement in delivering a 28-minute monologue in a single take showcases his dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment to his audience. As “Lakhan Leela Bhargava” prepares to hit the screens, viewers can anticipate witnessing this groundbreaking performance that sets new standards in the world of acting.

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