Did You Know Karan Kundrra Once Signed A Show To Buy A Bike Worth INR 22 Lakhs?

Karan Kundrra, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has long been associated with his fervent love for automobiles. From luxurious cars to high-end bikes, the actor’s affinity for the fast lane is no secret. His social media platforms are adorned with videos and pictures of his exhilarating rides, providing a glimpse into his automobile enthusiasm.

A Peek into Karan Kundrra’s Revelation

Discover how Karan Kundrra's love for automobiles led him to sign up for a show to own his dream bike, a Ducati worth INR 22 Lakhs. Read about his journey and passion for luxury cars and bikes.

In a recent interaction focusing on automobiles, Karan Kundrra opened up about his deep-rooted passion for vehicles. He divulged captivating anecdotes about his journey from childhood dreams to the realization of owning his dream vehicles.

The Bike Worth INR 22 Lakhs: An Unexpected Route

One intriguing revelation revolved around a show-bike deal that marked a pivotal point in Karan Kundrra’s automobile journey. During a video session, he showcased his impressive car collection to a host, and the spotlight eventually fell on the carbon edition of his beloved Ducati. Describing it as a “nonsense bike,” he humorously labeled it the “girlfriend bike” due to its high maintenance demands. This brought to light the interesting tale of how he acquired this extravagant bike.

From Roadies to Ducati: A Whimsical Decision

Recalling the moment that catalyzed the purchase, Kundrra shared, “After the first season of Roadies, me and Rannvijay, we were riding around and we crossed the Ducati showroom which was on Linking Road. I saw the Diavel and I was like what on Earth is that. It was in red and black, so I went in and they said, ‘Sir it’s 22 lakhs.’ I was like, achha, theek hain.” The decision to own this bike was cemented during this encounter. In a light-hearted tone, he confessed, “That’s when I decided I really want this bike. So, I literally signed a show, so I could buy this bike (laughs).”

A Glimpse into Karan Kundrra’s World

Apart from this distinctive acquisition, Kundrra also touched upon his initial bike, the iconic Harley Davidson, and shared intriguing anecdotes behind his other vehicles. While delving into his professional life, he recounted his recent ventures on television, portraying his dynamic career beyond automobiles.

Where Are They Now?

As of late, Karan Kundrra was last seen in “Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal” alongside Gashmeer Mahajani and Reem Shaikh. He also graced the screens of “Entertainment Ki Raat Housefull” with his partner Tejasswi Prakash. Notably, the couple recently returned from a monsoon getaway in Lonavala.

Insights into Karan Kundrra’s Personal Life

This interview provided an insight into Karan Kundrra’s passion for automobiles, revealing a unique instance where he signed up for a show to acquire his dream bike. It’s evident that his love for vehicles is deeply embedded in his life, shaping his personal and professional choices.

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