Pasoori Singer Ali Sethi Sets The Record Straight On Marriage Rumors With Salman Toor

The internet has been buzzing with speculations about the alleged marriage of Pasoori singer Ali Sethi with his childhood friend Salman Toor. The news created a storm on social media, prompting the singer to finally respond to the rumors.

Social Media Frenzy

Unverified reports recently emerged suggesting that Ali Sethi and Salman Toor had tied the knot, causing a collective frenzy on platforms like Twitter. The alleged marriage catapulted Sethi to the top of online trends, but the singer swiftly took to social media to address the speculations.

Ali Sethi’s Reaction

Pakistani singer Ali Sethi has swiftly responded to recent rumors of his marriage to childhood friend Salman Toor. He refuted the reports, emphasizing that he is not married and suggested that those spreading the rumors promote his new release. The social media buzz around their alleged marriage garnered significant attention, prompting Sethi to clear the air on the matter.

In response to the marriage rumors, Ali Sethi used his official Instagram handle to clarify the situation. He not only denied the marriage but also took a lighthearted approach by suggesting that those spreading the rumors could aid in promoting his new release, “Paniya.” Sethi wrote, “I am not married. I don’t know who started the rumor. But maybe they should help market my new release.” He even shared a link to his new song on his Instagram story.

The Unverified Reports

The rumors claimed that Ali Sethi and Salman Toor had secretly dated for a while and eventually tied the knot in a private ceremony in New York. The duo reportedly first met during their schooling at Aitchison College in Lahore and later both moved to New York. While Sethi pursued a musical career, Toor established himself as an artist.

Ali Sethi’s Musical Journey

Ali Sethi gained recognition and fame with his chartbuster “Pasoori” in 2022. The song not only transcended borders but also brought together Pakistan and India through its unconventional blend of music. Released in the 14th season of Coke Studio, “Pasoori” became an instant hit, captivating audiences worldwide with its infectious beat.

Recent Developments

More recently, a Hindi version of “Pasoori” titled “Pasoori Nu” was released as part of the Hindi film “Satyaprem Ki Katha.” Sung by Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar, the song continues to showcase Sethi’s musical prowess.

In the midst of swirling rumors, Ali Sethi’s response has put to rest the speculations surrounding his alleged marriage to Salman Toor. As fans continue to enjoy his music, Sethi remains focused on his career and continues to create waves in the music industry.

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