KL Rahul Reveals Athiya Shetty’s World Cup 2023 Superstition

Cricketer KL Rahul shares insights into his married life with actress Athiya Shetty, revealing her unique superstitious rituals during the World Cup 2023.

Athiya Shetty’s Superstition

"Discover why Athiya Shetty insisted on watching World Cup 2023 at home. KL Rahul shares insights into their relationship, superstitions, and the impact on his cricket performance."

KL Rahul discloses Athiya Shetty’s preference for watching the World Cup 2023 final match at home, citing her specific superstitions and a lucky spot, akin to her father Suniel Shetty’s habits.

Partners’ Quirks

Detailing their relationship dynamics, KL Rahul explains how partners often have lucky positions and seats, elaborating on Athiya’s steadfastness in her chosen spot, ensuring she doesn’t move while he’s at the crease.

Athiya’s Impact on KL Rahul

Rahul acknowledges Athiya Shetty’s role in maintaining his mental balance, crucial for his on-field performance. He describes how she motivates him to push boundaries and invest more effort into his cricket.

Athiya’s Reaction to Rahul’s Injury

Reflecting on a challenging time when Rahul faced a thigh injury, he shares Athiya’s emotional response, highlighting her frustration and concern. Despite the tough period, he emphasizes the love and support they provided each other during his recovery.

The couple’s bond, marked by shared experiences and mutual support, offers a glimpse into the personal lives of KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty, adding a human touch to the glamorous world of sports and entertainment.

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