Hrithik Roshan Responds To Choreographer’s Plea, Ensures Credits In Fighter Song

Choreographers play a vital role in Bollywood, ensuring actors dance seamlessly to music beats. Recently, Bosco Martis highlighted the industry’s oversight in crediting choreographers in film or song promotions, sparking a response from Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan Steps In: A Call to “Fighter” Makers

"Hrithik Roshan steps up as Bosco Martis calls for recognition. The Fighter song now credits choreographers, marking a positive change in Bollywood practices."

After learning about the issue, Hrithik Roshan took swift action. He engaged with the director of the film “Fighter,” Siddharth Anand, prompting a notable change in the YouTube version of the song “Ishq Jaisa Kuch.” Now, the choreographers’ team, including Bosco-Caesar, Remo D’Souza, and Piyush-Shazia, is rightfully credited. Roshan, known for his dancing skills, expressed discomfort with choreographers not receiving due recognition.

Bosco Martis’ Plea for Recognition: A Struggle Unveiled

In a social media post, Bosco Martis shared a reel featuring his team dancing to the song ‘Ishq Jaisa Kuch’ from “Fighter.” He emphasized the 22-year struggle of choreographers in getting due credit in promotional material. Martis called for a change, stating that despite the widespread celebration of songs and dances, choreographers often remain unrecognized. He urged the industry to celebrate the contributions of choreographers.

Acknowledgment and Gratitude: Hrithik Roshan’s Impact

Following Hrithik Roshan’s intervention, Bosco Martis expressed gratitude on Instagram, acknowledging Roshan and the media for addressing the issue. The collaboration between the actor and the choreographer highlights the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of choreographers in the entertainment industry.

A Positive Shift in Industry Practices

Hrithik Roshan’s proactive stance in ensuring choreographers receive proper credit marks a positive shift in industry practices. The incident sheds light on the essential role choreographers play in bringing Bollywood’s iconic dance sequences to life and emphasizes the need for their acknowledgment and celebration.

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