Ji Chang-wook Opens Up About ‘The Worst Of Evil’ Spicy Kiss Scene With BiBi

“The Worst of Evil” is creating waves in the K-drama scene, capturing the audience’s hearts with its intriguing storyline and passionate moments between Ji Chang-wook and BiBi. Ji Chang-wook, a South Korean actor with a massive fan following, is admired not only for his looks but also for his acting skills. BiBi, a former singer turned actress, boasts a dedicated fanbase.

A Sizzling On-screen Chemistry

"Ji Chang-wook shares the challenges behind the steamy on-screen kiss in 'The Worst Of Evil' in an exclusive interview."

The magic unfolded on-screen when Ji Chang-wook and BiBi shared a scene together. However, it was the passionate kiss scene that set the screen on fire. In a recent interview, Ji Chang-wook shared insights into the behind-the-scenes details.

A Challenging On-screen Kiss

In an interview with Wikitree, Ji Chang-wook admitted that shooting the intense kiss scene was far from easy. He remarked, “It was not an easy scene. The mood was different from the lovely and sweet kiss scenes I’ve done before. It was the first time I had such an emotionally intense kiss. I couldn’t avoid it. I had to accept Hae-ryeon’s (BiBi’s character) kiss for the operation. Sometimes I pushed her away. I think filming and editing helped the scene turn out well.”

Praise for BiBi’s Performance

Ji Chang-wook also praised BiBi for her exceptional handling of the scene. He stated, “Hyeong-seo (BIBI’s real name) must have found it challenging, but she handled the scene actively and gracefully, and I’m grateful for that.”

‘The Worst Of Evil’ Plot

“The Worst of Evil” revolves around the story of Park Joon-mo (Ji Chang-wook), an undercover cop infiltrating a notorious mafia gang involved in drug trafficking across Korea, China, and Japan. The series explores the transformation of the police officer into a morally ambiguous character in his pursuit of gaining the organization’s trust.

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