Elizabeth Debicki’s Emotional Journey Portraying Princess Diana’s Death In The Crown Season 6

Elizabeth Debicki, 33, discusses her experience of portraying Princess Diana in The Crown, emphasizing the responsibility that comes with the role and the challenges she faced, especially in recreating Diana’s tragic death.

An “Incredibly Invasive” Filming Process

Debicki shares her feelings about the emotionally demanding and invasive filming process. She describes it as “heavy and very manic,” shedding light on the difficulties of depicting the iconic princess’s life and the intrusive nature of the media portrayal.

The Weight of Princess Diana’s Legacy

"Elizabeth Debicki shares the emotional challenges of depicting Princess Diana's death in The Crown Season 6, highlighting the invasive filming process."

The actress reflects on the significance of Princess Diana’s character, acknowledging the profound impact Diana had on the collective consciousness. Growing up in Australia, she felt Diana’s presence despite having no personal connection to her, highlighting the enduring impact of the iconic princess.

Wearing the Iconic Revenge Dress

Elizabeth Debicki’s experience wearing Princess Diana’s famous revenge dress in one episode of The Crown. She shares the fascination and symbolism surrounding the dress and its impact on her as an actor.

Commitment to Honoring Princess Diana’s Legacy

Debicki’s dedication and sensitivity to her role as Princess Diana in The Crown exemplify her commitment to honoring the late royal’s legacy while navigating the complexities of storytelling in the public eye.

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