Athiya Shetty Adds Style With Father’s Belt In Adorable Fashion Moment

In the world of Bollywood, familial bonds often shine through in the most endearing ways. Athiya Shetty, the daughter of the legendary actor Suniel Shetty, recently made a style statement that showcased their heartwarming father-daughter relationship. This charming episode unfolded on Instagram, leaving fans swooning over their adorable banter.

A Stolen Accessory: Athiya Shetty’s Chic Look

Athiya Shetty's chic fashion move using her dad's belt warms hearts in a delightful Instagram exchange. Find out more.

Athiya Shetty, known for her impeccable fashion sense, took to her Instagram story to share a mirror selfie. In this snapshot, she proudly displayed her attire for the day, which consisted of a white striped top paired with blue denim jeans. However, what caught the attention of her followers was the belt she used to complete her look.

Dad’s Belt as a Fashion Statement

In an unexpected twist, Athiya revealed that she had ‘stolen’ her father Suniel Shetty’s belt to elevate her chic and casual ensemble. The addition of this borrowed accessory gave her outfit a trendy edge, showcasing her style versatility. Athiya shared her fashionable moment with her Instagram followers, leaving them intrigued by her choice.

Father’s Playful Banter

Not one to let such playful actions go unnoticed, Suniel Shetty, in his ever-supportive and endearing manner, responded to his daughter’s Instagram post. Engaging in a fun exchange, he affectionately referred to Athiya as a ‘chor’ (thief) and accompanied it with a red heart emoji. Their lighthearted banter highlighted the deep bond they share.

Birthday Wishes and a Heartwarming Photo

This isn’t the first time the Shettys have made headlines for their heartwarming interactions. Suniel Shetty had recently wished Athiya on her birthday by sharing an endearing black and white picture. In the image, he can be seen giving a sweet peck on his daughter’s cheek during her wedding festivities with KL Rahul. The father-daughter moment was beautifully captured, showcasing the love and affection between them.

A Learning Experience from a Supportive Father

In an older interview, Athiya Shetty revealed her admiration for her father’s career and his supportive nature. She described her father as non-judgmental, highly motivating, and always by her side. Suniel Shetty’s unwavering encouragement and understanding have been instrumental in her journey as an actress.

Athiya Shetty’s choice to use her father’s belt as a fashion accessory not only added a stylish touch to her outfit but also underscored the loving and playful relationship she shares with her dad, Suniel Shetty. Their heartwarming Instagram exchanges and endearing moments like these continue to captivate fans and showcase their special bond.

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