Yami Gautam Wraps Action Sequences In Article 370 Before Pregnancy; Aditya Dhar Ensures Health And Safety On Set

In a recent development, Bollywood actress Yami Gautam has successfully wrapped up the action sequences for the film “Article 370” before embracing motherhood. The film’s director, Aditya Dhar, took proactive measures by arranging medical professionals on the set to ensure the well-being of the actress during the physically demanding scenes.

Yami Gautam’s Dedication to Work

"Discover how Yami Gautam's commitment shines as she finishes intense action scenes prior to pregnancy in 'Article 370.' Director Aditya Dhar's proactive approach includes on-set medical support for a secure filming experience."

Yami Gautam showcased her commitment to her craft by completing the challenging action sequences for the upcoming film “Article 370” despite being in the early stages of pregnancy. The actress’s dedication to delivering a stellar performance has garnered admiration from the film’s cast and crew.

Director Aditya Dhar’s Thoughtful Preparation

Recognizing the importance of Yami’s well-being, director Aditya Dhar implemented a thoughtful strategy to support the actress during the physically demanding shoot. By having doctors on set, Dhar aimed to ensure that Yami’s health and safety were prioritized, creating a conducive environment for her to give her best performance.

On-Set Medical Support

Aditya Dhar’s proactive approach involved having medical professionals readily available on the film set. This strategic move aimed to address any health concerns promptly and provide immediate assistance if required. The director’s emphasis on the well-being of the cast reflects a responsible and caring approach to filmmaking.

Yami Gautam’s completion of the action sequences for “Article 370” before her pregnancy, coupled with Aditya Dhar’s thoughtful arrangements for on-set medical support, highlights the professionalism and care that went into the production. The duo’s collaborative efforts ensure that both artistic excellence and the health of the cast remain top priorities in the filmmaking process.

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