Will AJ Lee Make A WWE Comeback? Fans Buzz As CM Punk Mentions Wife In Raw Promo

The Second City Saint, CM Punk, made a triumphant comeback to WWE after nearly a decade, marking one of the most anticipated returns of the decade. As an official member of the Red Brand, Punk expressed his excitement for being back home, citing the warm reception he received backstage.

AJ Lee’s Surprise Mention

"CM Punk's heartfelt mention of AJ Lee in his WWE Raw promo has fans guessing her return. Social media reactions and NXT teasers intensify the speculation."

During his promo on Monday Night Raw, Punk dropped names like Dusty Rhodes, Paul Heyman, and, notably, his wife and former WWE women’s champion, AJ Lee, sending fans into a frenzy of speculation.

Fan Reactions and Predictions

Social media erupted with fans expressing their hopes for AJ Lee’s return. Tweets like “We need her back. So badly. Number 30 in the Rumble PLEASE” and “Next target for HUNTER is unlocked” flooded the platforms, showcasing the eagerness of fans to see AJ Lee back in action.

WWE’s ‘Never Say Never’ Policy

Fueling the speculation further is WWE’s motto of “Never say never,” emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the wrestling business. Triple H’s recent statement about delivering what fans want adds another layer of anticipation to the potential return of AJ Lee.

NXT Superstar Teases

Adding fuel to the fire, WWE NXT women’s superstar Cora Jade posted a video with CM Punk, leading to a Twitter clash with former NXT champion Roxanne. The exchange included references to AJ Lee, teasing a potential storyline.

As the wrestling community eagerly awaits developments, the buzz around AJ Lee’s possible return to WWE continues to grow. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting chapter in the world of professional wrestling.

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