Vishal Bhardwaj And Gulzar: Shocking Nose-Breaking Incidents Revealed

Renowned filmmaker, writer, and musician Vishal Bhardwaj recently took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about a peculiar incident that involved the legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah. Known for their close-knit bond, Bhardwaj shared an intriguing story from their past.

The Accidental Nose-Breaking Incident

"Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj's startling admission about breaking Naseeruddin Shah's nose and Gulzar's role in another nose-breaking incident in Bollywood."

During an interview on “Unfiltered with Samdish,” Director Vishal Bhardwaj narrated the incident where he accidentally broke Naseeruddin Shah’s nose. The incident occurred during a friendly cricket match, an event that left Shah bleeding profusely. Bhardwaj explained the sequence of events, shedding light on the unintentional mishap.

Gulzar’s Tennis Match and the Broken Nose

Following the nose-breaking incident, Vishal Bhardwaj revealed an unexpected turn of events. Notably, screenwriter and film director Gulzar re-entered the tennis court after a hiatus of 30 years. During this reunion, he encountered Naseeruddin Shah’s son, Imaad, leading to yet another nose-breaking incident. Bhardwaj shared Shah’s reaction to the incident, emphasizing their unique connection and the unexpected outcome of their sports activities.

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