Usher Drops Photo With BTS’ Jungkook: Fans Buzz Over Possible ‘Standing Next To You’ Remix Video

American singer Usher and BTS’ Jungkook recently shared a photo, sparking speculation among fans about a potential music video for the remix of “Standing Next To You.” The social media post has ignited excitement, but no official confirmation has been made as of now.

Anticipation Grows After Remix Release

"Usher's latest photo with BTS' Jungkook sparks excitement as fans speculate on a potential music video for the Standing Next To You remix. Read for details."

Usher dropped the remix of “Standing Next To You” on December 1, adding a smooth twist to the original track with his melodic vocals. Fans, eager for more, are now speculating about the possibility of a music video, especially after seeing the shared photo featuring both Usher and Jungkook.

Intriguing Clues in Caption and Background

The caption “We rollin’ yet?” accompanying the photo and the image’s backdrop resembling the theme of “Standing Next To You” have fueled high speculations. Despite no official confirmation from BIGHIT MUSIC, fans are keeping a close eye on announcements from both Usher and the music label.

BTS’ Jungkook’s “Standing Next To You” Remix Journey

BIGHIT MUSIC also unveiled a new version of a track from Jungkook’s solo album GOLDEN, featuring Justin Timberlake. The 3D remix, released on November 24, adds a retro charm to the original, with Timberlake’s verses complementing Jungkook’s vocals. The remix has been well-received, setting the stage for the anticipation surrounding the potential remix video.

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