Unraveling The Viral Photo: Debunking Speculations Around Jabari Smith Jr.’s Relationship

On Sunday, a photo depicting Jabari Smith Jr., the Houston Rockets forward, cuddling with a woman stirred up the NBA community, triggering a wave of speculation on social media platforms.

Social Media Buzz

"Discover the truth behind Jabari Smith Jr.'s viral photo, addressing rumors of him cuddling with his sister-in-law. Fact-checking the controversial image."

Various accounts on X (formerly Twitter) quickly assumed that the woman in the photo was the NBA player’s sister-in-law, based on the photo caption and context.

Setting the Record Straight

Contrary to social media speculation, the woman in the viral photo is actually Smith’s girlfriend. Adding to the confusion, she is the sister of the person who initially shared the picture. Despite being unmarried, Smith is affectionately referred to as ‘brother-in-law’ by her.

Clarification from Kennedi Brooke

Kennedi Brooke, often considered Smith’s ‘sister-in-law,’ took to social media to dispel the confusion. She clarified, ‘I am the sister-in-law. The one you saw in the photo with him was my sister.’

Exploring Jabari Smith Jr.’s Personal Life

Jasmine: The Mysterious Girlfriend

At 20 years old, Smith is known for keeping his personal life private, sparking curiosity among his fans. He is in a relationship with Jasmine, whose personal details remain largely unknown, aside from her educational ties to LSU.

Relationship Origins

Given that Smith attended Auburn while Jasmine is linked to LSU, their paths likely did not cross in college. However, with their recent viral moment, more information about the couple is expected to surface.

Analyzing Smith’s NBA Performance

Steady Stats Amid Changes

Smith, the third pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, had a modest rookie year but earned a spot on the NBA All-Rookie Second Team. As he enters his second NBA season, his stats remain consistent, showing improvements in shooting efficiency.

Offensive Dynamics

The lack of significant improvement in Smith’s numbers may be attributed to the Rockets’ expanding offensive options, including the arrival of Fred VanVleet in free agency and notable scoring progression from Alperen Sengun.

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