Unfiltered Authenticity: Bluntly Streaming Podcast With Cyrus Broacha

In a world where authenticity reigns supreme, the Gen Z audience gravitates towards content that is unfiltered and real. Bluntly Streaming, the latest podcast hosted by Sumedha Malhotra, caters to this demand by offering honest and genuine conversations. The podcast has quickly garnered love and praise from its audience.

The Multi-Talented Cyrus Broacha Takes the Mic

Explore candid conversations, genuine emotions, and witty insights in Sumedha Malhotra's podcast featuring the multi-talented Cyrus Broacha. Join the conversation now!

Cyrus Broacha, a versatile personality known for his roles as an anchor, theatre personality, comedian, political satirist, columnist, author, and podcaster, joins Sumedha Malhotra in the podcast. The duo aims to provide a platform where esteemed guests can express unfiltered thoughts, share experiences, and present unique perspectives.

Building Trust for Candid Conversations

Sumedha Malhotra, the show’s host, emphasizes the importance of trust in building rapport with guests. She believes that the debut episode captured Cyrus Broacha’s authentic essence within the podcasting landscape like never before. The show encourages genuine expressions without the fear of judgment or misrepresentation, fostering candid conversations.

Wit and Depth in the Inaugural Episode

The inaugural episode not only showcases Cyrus Broacha’s wit and depth but also sets the tone for the upcoming episodes of “Bluntly Streaming.” The podcast aims to embrace imperfections, unfiltered thoughts, and genuine emotions, resonating with a wide audience.

A Million Views in a Week

Sumedha and Cyrus’s approach to embracing imperfections and genuine emotions has resonated well with the audience. The debut episode has garnered over a million views within a week, highlighting the success of “Bluntly Streaming” in delivering authentic and engaging content.

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