The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract Vs. My Demon: Ratings Battle Decoded

Both MBC’s “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” and SBS’ “My Demon” debuted on November 24, offering viewers two distinct K-drama experiences.

Strong Start for Both Shows

Explore the fierce competition between Bae In Hyuk's time-slip romance and Song Kang's demon-filled contract marriage in this ratings breakdown.

Both series had promising beginnings on their premiere night. “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,” a fantasy historical K-drama involving time travel, and “My Demon,” a contract marriage-based K-drama with an enemies-to-lovers trope, entered the scene with high expectations.

Ratings Showdown on November 24

The Triumph of “The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract”

According to Nielsen Korea, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” claimed victory in its time slot, securing an average nationwide rating of 5.6 percent for its inaugural episode.

“My Demon” Falls Short

In the same time slot, the new fantasy romance “My Demon,” starring Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung, premiered with an average nationwide rating of 4.5 percent.

Diving Deeper into the Dramas

“The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract”

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name, the drama unfolds as a time-slip romance centered around the contractual union between Kang Tae Ha (Bae In Hyuk) and Park Yeon Woo (Lee Se Young). Park Yeon Woo, transported from the 19th century Joseon to modern-day South Korea, navigates a contractual marriage with Kang Tae Ha while grappling with her feelings and a desire to return to her era.

“My Demon”

“My Demon” is a fantasy romantic comedy that revolves around the contract marriage of Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung), a chaebol heiress with a demon-like personality, and Jung Gu Won (Song Kang), an actual demon. Their contract marriage unfolds as they navigate unexpected challenges and discoveries.

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