Tamil Actor Vishal Slams National Awards, Prefers Audience Recognition

The recent announcement of the National Award winners has been a cause for celebration in the South Indian film industry. Notable names like Allu Arjun, MM Keeravani, Chandrabose, Prem Rakshit, and the teams behind blockbuster films like RRR and Uppena have been honored with National Awards, marking a significant moment for the Telugu cinema.

Tamil Actor Vishal’s Controversial Remarks

However, amidst the celebrations, a recent conversation with Tamil actor Vishal has stirred controversy and garnered attention. Vishal expressed his strong disapproval of the National Awards and made some startling claims.

Tamil Films Like “Jai Bhim,” “Karnan,” and “Sarpatta Parambhai” Ignored

 Tamil actor Vishal voices his distrust for the National Awards and values recognition from the audience over awards. Read more.

Vishal’s criticism stemmed from the alleged neglect of outstanding Tamil films like “Jai Bhim,” “Karnan,” and “Sarpatta Parambhai” during the National Awards jury selection process. This omission has not gone unnoticed by the Tamil film industry and its audience, sparking a debate within the industry.

Vishal’s Candid Statements

Vishal did not mince his words when expressing his views on the National Awards. He stated, “I don’t trust them at all.” Instead of relying on awards, he emphasized the significance of audience recognition, stating that the “greatest award is given by all the people to the artist’s performance after watching the film.”

In a bold move, Vishal went on to say, “With the blessings of the audience, I have sustained my career in the film industry for many years, which is a significant award for me. Even if I receive awards for the films I have acted in, I would throw them in the trash.”

Uncertainty Surrounding Vishal’s Political Aspirations

During the conversation, Vishal was also asked about his potential entry into politics and participation in elections. His response was cryptic, with him stating, “anything can happen in life,” leaving room for speculation regarding his future political aspirations.

Vishal’s Popularity in Tamil and Telugu States

For those unfamiliar with Vishal’s work, he has gained substantial popularity through films like “Pandem Kodi,” “Pogaru,” and “Abhimanyu,” even in Telugu-speaking states. His fan base continues to grow, making his opinions on the National Awards all the more noteworthy.

Vishal’s outspoken critique of the National Awards has ignited a discussion within the film industry. While some may agree with his stance on the importance of audience recognition, others may still value the prestige associated with national honors.

As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how Vishal’s comments will impact the perception of the National Awards within the industry and among the audience.

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