Swara Bhasker’s Diwali FOMO: New Mom’s Candid Reflections

Diwali 2023 is approaching, and while Bollywood celebrities revel in Diwali parties, new mom Swara Bhasker, who recently welcomed her daughter Raabiyaa in September, is grappling with a severe case of ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out). In a candid social media post, Swara reflects on her post-partum life, reminiscing about her past Diwali celebrations, where she used to dress up and socialize.

Swara Bhasker’s Diwali Nostalgia

"New mom Swara Bhasker reflects on her Diwali FOMO in a humorous Instagram reel, sharing her past festivities and post-partum life."

Swara Bhasker took to her Instagram account to share a humorous reel that takes a trip down memory lane to her past Diwali celebrations. In the video, she is seen lounging on her bed in her pajamas, cradling baby Raabiyaa. As she scrolls through her phone, Swara expresses her ‘FOMO’ for not being able to enjoy Diwali festivities as she did before. The text on the reel humorously reads, “POV: Postpartum mom remembering when she used to get dressed and go places.” The video showcases Swara Bhasker’s glamorous Diwali looks from previous years, accompanied by the song ‘Jhumka Gira Re.’ The video concludes with Swara gazing at her baby girl and acknowledging her new reality with a smile.

Swara’s Caption

Swara Bhasker’s caption for the post reads, “Me having FOMO this Diwali season! #downmemorylane #postpartummoms #diwalifeels #festive #festivewear #homealone #postpartum #postpartumlife #fomo #diwali #swarabhaskar #swarabhasker.”

Supportive Comments

Comments on Swara’s post are full of encouragement and positivity, with one saying, “By next Diwali, you both will be partying together,” while another expresses, “Enjoy your Diwali with the baby. The first Diwali with your baby is very special.”

Announcing the Arrival of Raabiyaa

Back in September, Swara Bhasker and her husband, Fahad Ahmad, introduced their daughter, Raabiyaa, to the world. They shared a series of pictures with a heartfelt message: “A prayer heard, a blessing granted, a song whispered, a mystic truth… Our baby girl Raabiyaa was born on 23rd September 2023. With grateful and happy hearts, thank you for your love! It’s a whole new world.”

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