Sunny Singh And Kriti Kharbanda Join Forces For Abir Sengupta’s Neo-Noir Comic Tragedy ‘Risky Romeo’

Renowned for directing movies like “Indoo Ki Jawani” and “Mrs. Undercover,” Abir Sengupta is set to deliver an explosive and modern-day existential crisis tale with “Risky Romeo.” Notably, Abir is not only directing but also producing the film alongside Anushree Mehta under Jaadugar Films. Collaborating with Priyanka Mehrotra and Rameshchandra Yadav of PR Motion Pictures, the project is poised to deliver an edgy and stylish take on the neo-noir genre.

A Glimpse into the Film’s Genre

"Discover the exciting details of 'Risky Romeo,' the upcoming neo-noir comic tragedy film directed by Abir Sengupta. Starring Sunny Singh and Kriti Kharbanda, this edgy and stylish project promises dark humor, eccentric characters, and a unique narrative approach."

Abir Sengupta defines “Risky Romeo” as a neo-noir comic tragedy that approaches human behavior from an unconventional angle. The film’s narrative is enriched with dark humor, eccentric characters, and a surreal touch, promising a cinematic experience that defies the norm. Sunny Singh and Kriti Kharbanda’s involvement underscores their dedication to portraying these unique characters on screen.

Sunny Singh and Kriti Kharbanda’s Perspective

Sunny Singh, who will take on the role of ‘Risky Romeo,’ expresses his enthusiasm for the challenging character that Abir Sengupta has crafted. He looks forward to the transformative journey required to embody this unconventional role. Sunny is also excited to collaborate with Kriti Kharbanda and expects a dynamic and engaging atmosphere on set.

Kriti Kharbanda, equally excited, shares her joy of being on set, considering it her happy place. She anticipates the opportunity to bring her character to life, emphasizing her commitment to script and character. Kriti sees “Risky Romeo” as a unique project, promising an exceptional viewing experience.

As “Risky Romeo” prepares to make its mark, the film promises a captivating blend of neo-noir elements, unconventional characters, and a touch of humor and surrealism. Sunny Singh, Kriti Kharbanda, and Abir Sengupta’s shared vision underscores the anticipation surrounding this upcoming cinematic venture.

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