Sunny Deol Responds To Juhu Property Controversy: Calls For Resolution

Sunny Deol, the renowned Bollywood actor, has broken his silence regarding the recent controversy surrounding his Juhu property. Initially, the Bank of Baroda had issued an auction notice for his villa due to unpaid debts, but this decision was later retracted.


Sunny Deol recently gained attention for his role in the blockbuster film “Gadar 2,” a sequel to his iconic movie “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” released 22 years ago. Amid his success, reports emerged about his Juhu property facing potential auction due to unpaid debts. The bank had initially issued an auction notice, but later withdrew it, citing technical grounds.

Sunny Deol’s Response

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol has finally spoken up about the Juhu property controversy. The Bank of Baroda had initially issued an auction notice for his villa due to unpaid debts, but this was later retracted. Sunny Deol's response emphasizes resolution and urges against further speculation.

Sunny Deol has now addressed the controversy surrounding his Juhu property. The property, known as “Sunny Villa,” was set for auction due to his failure to repay an outstanding loan of Rs 56 crore. In a conversation with NDTV, Sunny expressed his reluctance to comment on the matter, stating, “I do not want to comment. These are personal matters. Main kuch bhi bolunga, log galat matlab nikalenge” (I don’t want to say anything; people will interpret it incorrectly).

Emphasis on Resolution

According to reports by India TV, Sunny Deol has also appealed to avoid further speculation on the issue. He emphasized, “We are in the process of resolving this issue and the issue will be resolved. We request no further speculation on the same.”

Property Auction Details

Previously, reports had surfaced about the potential auction of Sunny’s property, Sunny Villa, located in the upscale Juhu area of Mumbai. This decision was triggered by unresolved financial obligations. A loan of Rs 55,99,80,766.33 had been procured by Sunny, with his father Dharmendra serving as the guarantor. The Bank of Baroda had dispatched a notice to the actor, stating that unless the outstanding sum was settled, a virtual auction of the property would be conducted on September 25, 2023. However, the bank later issued a correction notice, stating their decision to withdraw the auction notice for Sunny Deol’s Juhu property on technical grounds.

Refuted Rumors

There were also rumors circulating that Akshay Kumar, whose movie “OMG 2” clashed with Sunny’s “Gadar 2” release, had offered assistance to settle Sunny’s loan. However, these speculations have been refuted as baseless and false.

Sunny Deol’s response to the controversy surrounding his Juhu property reflects his desire for privacy on personal matters. As the issue continues to unfold, the actor and his team are committed to resolving it while urging the public to refrain from further speculation.

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