Soni Razdan’s Insight On Nepotism: Ananya, Suhana Khan, And Khushi Kapoor Are ‘Talented People’

In response to a viral post on Instagram discussing nepotism, Soni Razdan, veteran actress and mother of Alia Bhatt, shares her perspective on the issue. She engages with netizens’ comments and sheds light on the challenges faced by star kids in the entertainment industry.

Addressing the Viral Instagram Post

Soni Razdan addresses nepotism criticism, defending the talents of Ananya Panday, Suhana Khan, and Khushi Kapoor in the entertainment industry .

A recent Instagram post by Freddy Birdy questioning the criticism of nepotism catches the attention of social media users. Soni Razdan responds to the post, emphasizing the pressure faced by star kids and providing insights into her own experiences as an outsider in the industry.

Nepotism in Professions

Razdan responds to the notion that children of dentists don’t face criticism for becoming dentists, questioning whether a child should have the first right of refusal to their parent’s profession. She shares her personal journey as an outsider and offers advice to those facing challenges in the industry.

Industry Dependence on Audience

Engaging with a netizen’s comment about the film industry’s dependence on the audience, Razdan acknowledges the audience’s role in shaping the industry. She emphasizes that success is not guaranteed solely by familial connections, and talent remains a crucial factor.

Challenges Faced by Actors

In response to a comment comparing the difficulty of becoming a dentist to an actor, Razdan pens a detailed note highlighting the challenges actors face, including rejections, public scrutiny, and the demanding nature of the profession.

Pressure on Star Kids

Razdan acknowledges the high expectations placed on star kids and the pressure they experience. She admits that witnessing someone else secure a role that one could have done better is tough but emphasizes that lasting success requires genuine talent.

Talent Recognition

When questioned about her belief in the talent of star kids like Ananya Panday, Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, and Janhvi Kapoor, Razdan expresses her belief in their abilities. She credits the rise of OTT platforms for providing more opportunities to a diverse range of actors.

Soni Razdan concludes by highlighting the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, with increased opportunities for actors through platforms like OTT. She encourages aspiring actors to persevere in the face of challenges and acknowledges the difficulties inherent in the profession.

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