Simi Garewal’s Graceful Response To Troll’s Critique Of Priyanka Chopra’s Tribute

Simi Garewal, a renowned celebrity, recently shared a throwback video featuring Priyanka Chopra dedicating a song to her late father, Dr. Ashok Chopra. However, this heartfelt tribute led to a negative comment and a subsequent response from Simi Garewal.

Simi’s Nostalgic Post

Simi Garewal beautifully shuts down a troll's negative comment on Priyanka Chopra's heartfelt tribute to her father in a recent post.

Simi Garewal’s celebrity chat show, ‘Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable,’ from 2011, featured Priyanka Chopra as a guest. In a nostalgic Instagram post, Simi shared a clip from the show where Priyanka dedicated a song to her father, who had dreamt of her becoming an international singer.

The Negative Comment

Despite the touching moment, an Instagram user criticizedPriyanka’s performance, stating that there was “so much drama” in her singing, possibly to mask flaws. They implied that trained singers wouldn’t exhibit such dramatic tendencies.

Simi’s Fiery Response

Simi Garewal didn’t let the negative comment slide. She promptly replied, challenging the comment’s assertion of “drama.” She requested the commenter to elaborate on their statement, adding a face with rolling eyes emoji for emphasis.

Simi’s Message of Support

In addition to defending Priyanka Chopra, Simi Garewal expressed her admiration for the actress. She urged Priyanka never to forget to fight for her honor, applauding her courage in defending her values and herself.

Fan Reactions

Priyanka’s fans flooded the comments section with praise for her singing and heartfelt performance in the throwback video. They celebrated her talent and authenticity.

Priyanka’s Upcoming Projects

While the online drama unfolded, Priyanka Chopra continues to shine in her career. She has projects such as ‘Heads Of State’ alongside John Cena and Idris Elba and ‘Jee Le Zaraa’ with Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif in the pipeline.

Simi Garewal’s supportive response to a negative comment on Priyanka Chopra’s tribute to her late father highlights the importance of standing up for one another in the face of online criticism. It also underscores the enduring admiration and respect between the two accomplished celebrities.

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