Shrenu Parikh And Akshay Mhatre’s Unforgettable Engagement Celebration

Shrenu Parikh and Akshay Mhatre, the beloved couple from the popular TV series “Ishqbaaaz,” are on the brink of tying the knot. However, before the big day, the couple indulged in a spectacular engagement party, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends.

Star-Studded Affair

"Experience the magic of Shrenu Parikh and Akshay Mhatre's pre-wedding revelry! From a star-studded engagement party to vibrant wedding festivities, delve into the love story of the Ishqbaaaz stars. Exclusive details await your exploration."

By Aqsa Akbani Siddiqui | Updated on Dec 21, 2023 | 11:08 AM IST | 2.7K
The engagement festivities reached their zenith with a star-studded celebration last night. Decked in a navy blue lehenga choli and a white embroidered suit, Shrenu and Akshay radiated joy as they graced the occasion. The event commenced with the couple’s captivating performance on the romantic track “Mere Naam Tu” from Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Zero.”

A Dance Extravaganza

The evening unfolded with a series of lively performances, including a special dance number by Shrenu’s friends Surbhi Chandna, Neha Laxmi, and Mansi Srivastava. Shrenu herself took the stage for a heartwarming dance with her mother, evoking emotional moments.

Journey to Forever: Shrenu Parikh and Akshay Mhatre’s Wedding Revelry

Mehndi Magic

The couple’s wedding festivities commenced with Shrenu’s mehndi ceremony, where she looked ethereal in a green outfit complemented by traditional floral jewelry. The ceremony featured a unique touch as Shrenu’s mother had her daughter’s face sketched on her hand as part of the mehndi design.

Vibrant Haldi Ceremony

In a grand affair, Shrenu and Akshay opted for bold neon green attire, deviating from the customary yellow dresses for the Haldi ceremony. Their grand entrance on a yellow scooter, driven by Shrenu, added a touch of flair to the celebration, with family and friends cheering for the couple.

A Love Story Unfolds: Shrenu Parikh and Akshay Mhatre’s Journey to Forever

Onscreen to Offscreen Romance

Shrenu Parikh and Akshay Mhatre’s love story blossomed on the sets of “Ghar Ek Mandir,” where they portrayed a married couple. The onscreen romance soon transcended into real life, and after keeping their relationship under wraps for a while, the couple officially announced their love. The journey included a close-knit roka ceremony earlier in the year.

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