Shefali Shah: Women’s Mental Health Discourse Is Evolving

Shefali Shah, a prominent figure in Bollywood, discusses the lack of discourse surrounding women’s mental health. In this exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the acclaimed actress sheds light on the evolving landscape of conversations regarding this crucial issue.

Shefali Shah’s Perspective

Shefali Shah, in an exclusive interview, sheds light on the changing discourse around women's mental health. She emphasizes the need for gender equality.

Shefali Shah’s remarkable career spans across both the silver screen and popular OTT shows. She’s currently enjoying a renaissance in her second innings in the industry. During her recent interaction with Pinkvilla, the actress delves into the topic of women’s mental health.

The State of Women’s Mental Health

In her exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Shefali Shah expresses her concern about the minimal discussions and awareness surrounding women’s mental health. She emphasizes that the mental health of men also deserves more attention and recognition. She states, “Unfortunately, even men’s mental health isn’t being talked about too much. It’s really sad I mean why are we just trying to say that women are the bechaari’s?”

A Changing Narrative

Shah is optimistic about the changing landscape, stating, “I think it’s changing, which is thank god!” She goes on to emphasize the importance of seeking professional help for mental health issues, likening it to consulting a dermatologist for skin problems.

Feminism and Gender Equality

In the same conversation, Shefali Shah addresses the issue of being labeled as an opinionated person and reveals that she identifies herself as a feminist. She firmly believes in the dictionary meaning of feminism, which is equality between genders. She emphasizes the equal status of men and women in today’s world.

Work and Achievements

Shefali Shah has been actively contributing to the entertainment industry, appearing in films like “Neeyat,” “Doctor G,” and “Darlings.” Her notable performance in the crime web series “Delhi Crime” earned her a nomination for the International Emmy Award for Best Actress.

In this exclusive interview, Shefali Shah shines a light on the evolving conversations about women’s mental health and the importance of addressing men’s mental health issues as well. She asserts her identity as a feminist and emphasizes gender equality in today’s world.

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