Shanaya Kapoor’s Maldives Vacation Fuels Romance Speculations With Karan Kothari

Shanaya Kapoor, daughter of Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor, is currently enjoying a luxurious vacation in the Maldives. Amid persistent rumors of her romance with college sweetheart Karan Kothari, their latest Instagram posts have ignited speculations about their shared getaway.

Shanaya’s Underwater Adventure

"Shanaya Kapoor's Instagram posts from the Maldives spark rumors of a romantic getaway with rumored boyfriend Karan Kothari."

Shanaya Kapoor has been actively sharing her Maldives adventure on Instagram. One of her recent posts showcases her scuba diving in a pink bikini, surrounded by tiny fish in the crystal-clear waters.

Simultaneously, Karan Kothari posted an underwater video clip of his own scuba diving experience on his Instagram stories. The resemblance in surroundings suggests that both posts were captured at the same underwater location.

Matching Backgrounds

Adding to the intrigue, another of Shanaya Kapoor’s Instagram photos displays a background remarkably similar to Karan Kothari’s latest Instagram post. In this picture, Shanaya is elegantly dressed in a beige cutout dress, seated at an eatery with two coconuts on the table. The background features a charming sloping-roof structure with wooden columns, mirroring Karan’s photo.

The Wise Man’s Silence

Karan Kothari’s recent Instagram post features a comparable background as well, as he strikes a selfie pose with the caption, “A wise man once said nothing at all.” Interestingly, Shanaya’s father, Sanjay Kapoor, playfully commented on the post, stating, “The wise man was obviously me.”

Dating Rumors

The dating rumors between Shanaya Kapoor and Karan Kothari initially surfaced in January, with reports indicating that they attended the same university in Los Angeles. Notably, Karan comes from a non-film industry background and reportedly runs a startup in LA.

Intrigued Fans

As Shanaya Kapoor continues to share her picturesque moments in the Maldives with her rumored beau Karan Kothari, fans remain captivated by the possibility of a budding romance between the two.

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