Shah Rukh Khan’s Heartwarming Gesture Towards Specially-Abled Fan At IPL Match

Shah Rukh Khan recently captured hearts with a heartwarming interaction with a specially-abled fan at an IPL match in Kolkata. The Bollywood superstar, known for his humility, greeted the fan warmly, planting a kiss on their forehead and engaging in a heartfelt conversation. The fan expressed their love repeatedly, to which SRK responded with equal affection​.

Continued Commitment to Fans

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan recently warmed hearts at an IPL match in Kolkata by sharing a touching moment with a specially-abled fan. Greeting the fan with a warm smile, a kiss on the forehead, and heartfelt words, SRK demonstrated his deep connection with his supporters. This memorable interaction, occurring shortly before his hospital admission, reaffirms why he is adored as the true "King of Bollywood."

This incident is a testament to Shah Rukh Khan’s enduring bond with his fans. Despite his busy schedule and shortly before being admitted to the hospital, he took the time to make a fan’s day, reinforcing why he remains the beloved “King of Bollywood”​ .

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