Salman Khan Gears Up For The Bull: Exclusive Filming Dates And Eid 2025 Release Revealed

Salman Khan and Karan Johar after a hiatus of 25 years. The much-anticipated project, titled “The Bull,” will be directed by Vishnuvardhan and is set to be a high-budget action film.

A True Story Unfolds

Salman Khan to Portray a Paramilitary Officer in a Gripping Tale

The film, based on true events, will feature Salman Khan in the role of a paramilitary officer. The initial plan was to commence shooting in November 2023, with a target release date during the Christmas weekend of 2024.

Shooting Schedule Revealed

Production Set to Begin in February 2024; Eid 2025 Release Anticipated

In an exclusive update, Pinkvilla has learned that Salman Khan will start filming for “The Bull” in February 2024. The shooting schedule is extensive, spanning from February to August. The film’s pre-production is underway at Dharma Production Office in Mumbai, with meticulous attention to detail, including costume creation and set design.

Unveiling a Leaner Salman Khan

Prep Work for Body Transformation Commences

"Salman Khan and Karan Johar unite after 25 years for 'The Bull.' Discover exclusive details on the filming schedule, Salman's transformation, and the film's true-story inspiration. Eid 2025 promises a cinematic treat, and Pinkvilla has the inside scoop on this much-anticipated Bollywood blockbuster."

A source close to the project reveals that Salman Khan has dedicated bulk dates for this ambitious action thriller. The prep work to transform his physique has already begun, promising audiences a leaner version of the megastar in this Vishnuvardhan directorial.

Crafting Authenticity

Detailed Sets and Authentic Costumes to Recreate the Indian Army’s Heroic Mission

The production team, led by Karan Johar, aims for authenticity by building elaborate sets in Mumbai and creating costumes that stay true to the era depicted in the film. Titled “The Bull,” the movie pays homage to one of the most heroic missions conducted by the Indian Army.

Countdown to Filming

Dates Locked for Shooting After Months of Planning

Salman Khan and Karan Johar have been in continuous discussions for the past eight months, finalizing various aspects of the film. The shooting dates were recently locked during one of their meetings, signifying the green light for this highly anticipated project.

Vishnuvardhan’s Second Hindi Directorial

Following the Success of “SherShaah”

“The Bull” marks Vishnuvardhan’s second directorial venture in Hindi cinema, following the National Award-Winning film “SherShaah.” The film promises a fresh take on action, with Salman Khan portraying a paramilitary officer in a story set against the backdrop of the Indian Army.

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