Riya Kishanchandani Unveils Her Inter-Religious Journey With Mudassar Khan: A Tale Of Love, Acceptance, And Surprises

Splitsvilla 12 star Riya Kishanchandani recently tied the knot with renowned Bollywood choreographer Mudassar Khan, marking a union that transcends religious boundaries. The social media influencer shared insights into her inter-religious marriage, discussing her journey from friendship to matrimony and addressing societal perceptions.

Falling in Love: A Genuine Connection

Riya Kishanchandani reveals the evolution of her relationship with Mudassar Khan, emphasizing his genuine, family-oriented nature. She shares insights into their transition from friends to life partners and highlights Mudassar’s unique perspective on love in a modern era marked by fleeting commitments.

Taking the Plunge: Initiating a Relationship

While debunking assumptions about a traditional proposal, Riya sheds light on taking the initiative to elevate their friendship to a more serious commitment. Despite the age difference, she expresses unwavering confidence in their decision to move forward and details the steps taken to involve their families.

Navigating Family Approval: Overcoming Initial Apprehensions

Riya reflects on the initial uncertainties her parents faced regarding the inter-religious union. She elaborates on the process of meeting each other’s families and emphasizes the smooth transition from skepticism to acceptance, both on her side and Mudassar’s.

A Surprise Guest: Salman Khan’s Presence

The couple invited Bollywood superstar Salman Khan to their wedding, expecting scheduling conflicts due to his commitment to Bigg Boss. Riya shares the unexpected joy of Salman attending the celebration, describing his gracious presence and genuine affection for Mudassar.

Religious Harmony: Riya’s Perspective on Conversion

Addressing the topic of religious conversion, Riya dismisses it as a barrier in their relationship. She emphasizes the importance of individual opinions in successful relationships and provides a nuanced perspective on her personal choices without succumbing to societal pressures.

Dealing with Online Criticism: Rising Above Hate

Riya candidly acknowledges the online criticism and hatred they faced, particularly directed at their inter-religious marriage. She discusses the negative comments and trolls, underlining her ability to focus on the positive support received, both online and offline.

Looking Ahead: A Celebration of Love

Despite facing societal scrutiny, Riya remains focused on the love and positivity surrounding their union. She shares her optimism for the future and hints at the possibility of addressing certain personal details at a later, more comfortable time.

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