Ridhi Dogra Advocates For Big Roles Post Jawan And Tiger 3

Ridhi Dogra, the versatile actress known for her roles in TV shows and OTT series, including Jawan and Tiger 3, recently expressed her aspiration for substantial roles in the industry. In a candid interview, she sheds light on the prevalent trend of favoring individuals who consistently grab attention from paparazzi.

Ridhi Dogra’s Acting Journey

"Actress Ridhi Dogra, known for Jawan and Tiger 3, asserts her talent, challenging the industry to prioritize skill over popularity. Read more on her quest for significant roles."

Ridhi Dogra has carved a unique path in the acting realm with her contributions to various TV shows and OTT series such as Asur and The Married Woman. Notably, she played Kaveri Amma in Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan and featured in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3. In a recent interview, she emphasized her proven track record and articulated her need for more significant roles.

Critique of Casting Culture

In her conversation with Hindustan Times, Ridhi Dogra highlighted the prevalent casting culture that tends to prioritize individuals constantly in the public eye, even if lacking in talent. She raised concerns about the industry’s inclination to cast based on visibility rather than merit.

Proving Herself Beyond Relationships

Ridhi Dogra passionately expressed that despite receiving love from the audience, she faces challenges in breaking through the industry’s preconceived notions. She emphasized that her identity is not defined by familial relationships, urging the industry to recognize her talent and proven capabilities.

Demand for Big Roles and Spotlight

Stressing her determination, Ridhi Dogra stated that she would persist in pushing for substantial roles. Drawing an analogy to a factory scenario, she explained the importance of recognizing hard work over familial connections. While committed to giving her best in every role, she asserted her right to desire and pursue prominent roles and the spotlight.

Advocacy for Diligent Actors

Ridhi Dogra urged the film industry to take diligent actors seriously and invest in hardworking individuals rather than succumbing to the allure of constant media presence. Her message emphasized the need to shift the focus towards talent and dedication.

As Ridhi Dogra continues her journey in the entertainment industry, her advocacy for substantial roles serves as a call to action for the film fraternity to recognize and appreciate talent beyond the confines of popular narratives.

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