Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki: Crafting The Lowest Budgeted Shah Rukh Khan Film In 6 Years

Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani’s collaboration in Dunki is generating immense excitement among fans, marking the film as the most anticipated Shah Rukh Khan project since its announcement. Scheduled for a worldwide theatrical release on December 21, 2023, the film’s success is already evident with the positive reception of its first unit, known as ‘Drop 1.’

Unveiling Dunki’s Budget

"Explore the meticulous planning behind Dunki, as Rajkumar Hirani orchestrates the most economical Shah Rukh Khan film in six years. Release on December 21, 2023!"

Dunki‘s production, despite being shot simultaneously with Jawan, stands out for its efficiency. The cost of production is revealed to be an impressive Rs 85 crores, excluding talent fees. However, factoring in customary fees and additional expenses for talent, including Shah Rukh Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, Taapsee Pannu, and Vicky Kaushal, the total budget, including print and publicity, is estimated to be around Rs 120 crores.

Rajkumar Hirani’s Masterful Planning

Renowned director Rajkumar Hirani showcased his efficiency by completing the entire shoot of Dunki in just 75 days, with Shah Rukh Khan contributing to 60 days of filming. Hirani strategically scheduled the shoot, aligning it with Jawan‘s production, allowing for a swift post-production process. Notably, the budget for Dunki is the lowest for a Shah Rukh Khan film in the last 6 years.

Profitable Ventures Before Release

Dunki has already secured non-theatrical rights, pre-selling them in the range of Jawan. This pre-sale indicates a substantial pre-release profit of approximately Rs 100 crores for the film’s makers. With the theatrical release yet to occur, Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani’s track record of previous successes adds further anticipation regarding Dunki‘s potential at the box office.

As Dunki prepares for its theatrical debut on December 21, 2023, the film stands as a testament to Rajkumar Hirani’s strategic planning and cost-effective filmmaking, making it a noteworthy venture in the realm of Shah Rukh Khan’s filmography.

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