Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ Rakes In Rs. 161 Crore In Opening Weekend Box Office Collection

The Indian box office has been rocked by the success of Rajinikanth’s latest film “Jailer,” which has seen a phenomenal opening weekend collection of Rs. 161 crores. The film’s performance has been nothing short of exceptional, captivating audiences across the nation.

Detailed Analysis

Rajinikanth's latest film, 'Jailer,' has set the box office on fire with a remarkable opening weekend collection of Rs. 161 crores in India. The movie's phenomenal success is evident in its impressive territorial breakdown, with substantial earnings from various regions. Read on to discover the film's outstanding performance and audience reception.

“Jailer” witnesses a fantastic Sunday at the Indian box office, raking in approximately Rs. 45 crores, a remarkable increase of 20% compared to Saturday. Impressively, the film’s Sunday collections even surpass its first day earnings in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. However, Karnataka and Nizam regions experience a slight dip from the initial day, contributing to an overall decrease in the numbers.

The film’s overall box office collections in India reach an astounding Rs. 161 crores over the extended weekend. The positive momentum is expected to continue with a significant national holiday scheduled for Tuesday, further boosting the evening collections. “Jailer” is projected to cross the Rs. 200 crore mark shortly and may even approach the Rs. 225 crore milestone.

Future Expectations

The film is anticipated to continue performing well outside Tamil Nadu, constituting more than half of its total India collections. Riding on its strength outside Tamil Nadu, “Jailer” is likely to comfortably surpass Rs. 350 crores in India, surpassing the earnings of “PS-1” (Rs. 326 crores) and “Vikram” (Rs. 309 crores).

Rajinikanth’s “Jailer” has stormed the Indian box office, amassing a staggering Rs. 161 crores in its four-day extended weekend.

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