Rajinikanth Clarifies Why He Touched CM Yogi Adityanath’s Feet: Habit Of Seeking Blessings Explained

In a recent turn of events, renowned actor Rajinikanth has found himself amidst a swirl of controversy following his act of touching the feet of Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath. As the actor returned to Chennai, he addressed the media and shed light on the motives behind this gesture. This move has generated a considerable buzz on social media platforms and left netizens pondering the significance of the action.

The Gesture That Sparked a Debate

Rajinikanth’s recent meeting with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Lucknow, during which he touched the CM’s feet, has ignited a heated debate across the internet. The actor’s action has led to numerous discussions on social media, with users expressing a variety of opinions on the matter. The superstar’s response to the criticism he’s received for this action has only added fuel to the fire.

Explaining a Longstanding Tradition

Addressing the media upon his return to Chennai, Rajinikanth offered an explanation for his gesture. He clarified that it is a deeply ingrained habit of his to touch the feet of Yogis or Sanyasis as a way of seeking their blessings. He emphasized that he follows this practice even when those he’s seeking blessings from are younger than him. The actor’s statement sheds light on the cultural and spiritual significance behind his actions.

A Glimpse Into Rajinikanth’s Spiritual Journey

Rajinikanth responds to the controversy surrounding his act of touching CM Yogi Adityanath's feet. He explains that it's his longstanding habit to seek blessings from Yogis and Sanyasis, regardless of age.

Rajinikanth’s recent act comes amid his ongoing spiritual journey. Just before the release of his film “Jailer,” he embarked on a spiritual sojourn to the Himalayas. During this journey, he visited revered temples such as Kedarnath and Rajarappa, reflecting his devotion and connection to spirituality. This trip has not only caught the attention of his fans but also highlighted his commitment to his spiritual beliefs.

A Tradition Revived

The actor’s visit to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s residence isn’t the only highlight of his recent ventures. Rajinikanth’s tradition of embarking on spiritual journeys to the serene Himalayas following the completion of each film has garnered attention once again. This tradition, which he temporarily halted due to health concerns and the pandemic, showcases his deep-rooted spiritual values and his dedication to his craft.

“Jailer” and Beyond

Rajinikanth’s film “Jailer” has made waves at the box office, crossing the impressive Rs 500 crore mark. Directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, the action-packed drama has been met with a massive response, marking Rajinikanth’s return to the big screen after a two-year hiatus. The film’s success stands as a testament to the actor’s enduring popularity and influence in the entertainment industry.

As the controversy surrounding Rajinikanth’s recent gesture continues to spark discussions, it also provides a glimpse into the complex interplay between cultural traditions, spirituality, and modern media attention. The actor’s explanation sheds light on his deeply held beliefs, inviting further contemplation on the blending of tradition and contemporary values.

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