Priyanka Chopra’s Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages To Nick Jonas And Malti Marie With A Rumi Twist

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra took to social media to share heartfelt Valentine’s Day wishes for her husband Nick Jonas and their adorable pet Malti Marie. The celebrity couple celebrated the day with a touch of poetic inspiration from the renowned poet Rumi.


A Love-filled Message for Nick Jonas

 "Join Priyanka Chopra in a love-filled celebration as she expresses heartfelt Valentine's Day wishes to her forever Valentine, Nick Jonas, and beloved pet Malti Marie, adding a poetic touch inspired by the timeless words of Rumi."

In a romantic gesture, Priyanka Chopra dedicated a special message to her “forever” Valentine, Nick Jonas. The actress expressed her love for the American singer and shared a glimpse of their cherished moments together.

A Furry Valentine Celebration

Not just limited to human companionship, Priyanka Chopra extended her Valentine’s wishes to their furry family member, Malti Marie. The couple, known for their love of pets, included their adorable canine companion in the celebration.

Rumi’s Poetic Touch

Adding an artistic touch to the occasion, Priyanka Chopra drew inspiration from the works of the celebrated poet Rumi. The actress incorporated elements of Rumi’s poetry to convey the depth of her emotions and the significance of the day.

Priyanka Chopra’s Valentine’s Day messages for Nick Jonas and Malti Marie not only showcased the love within their family but also highlighted the couple’s creative and poetic approach to expressing their emotions on this special day. The inclusion of Rumi’s touch added an extra layer of depth to the heartfelt wishes shared on social media.

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