Priyanka Chopra’s Heartfelt Birthday Wish For Franklin Jonas: Malti Marie’s Favorite Uncle

On September 28, Franklin Jonas, the younger brother of Nick Jonas, celebrated his birthday. Priyanka Chopra, known for her close ties to the Jonas family, took to Instagram to extend her warm wishes to Franklin.

Priyanka’s Special Birthday Message

"Priyanka Chopra's touching birthday message to Franklin Jonas earns her daughter Malti Marie's 'favorite uncle' designation."

Priyanka Chopra, in a heartwarming gesture, expressed her affection for Franklin and proclaimed him as her daughter Malti Marie’s beloved uncle. She shared an endearing photo of Franklin Jonas along with her message, conveying her best wishes for his special day.

Sibling Bond and Celebrity Wishes

Priyanka’s tribute to Franklin was not the only one. Joe Jonas, another member of the Jonas clan, shared a throwback photo of himself with Franklin and wished him a happy birthday, acknowledging Franklin as one of the coolest people he knows. Franklin responded with gratitude for Joe’s influence on his “cool” factor. Even Kevin Jonas joined in, sharing a selfie with Franklin and referring to him as a legend.

Priyanka and Franklin’s Camaraderie

Priyanka Chopra and Franklin Jonas share a close bond, evident from their interactions both on and off social media. A video surfaced a few weeks ago, capturing Priyanka warmly hugging Franklin during a Jonas Brothers’ concert. Fans appreciated their friendship, emphasizing how Priyanka effortlessly fits into the Jonas family.

Farm Life with Malti Marie

Not only did Priyanka celebrate Franklin’s birthday, but she also recently spent time at a farm with him and her daughter, Malti Marie. She shared glimpses of their farm adventure, showcasing their fun moments. It’s clear that Franklin holds a special place in both Priyanka’s and Malti Marie’s hearts.

The birthday wishes and the evident camaraderie between Priyanka Chopra and Franklin Jonas underscore the strong bond she shares with her husband Nick Jonas’s family. Their warm relationship continues to capture the hearts of fans and followers on social media.

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