Priyanka Chopra’s Disney World Adventure With Nick Jonas And Malti Marie

Priyanka Chopra, the global sensation, embarked on a magical journey to Disney World, accompanied by her husband, Nick Jonas, and their adorable daughter, Malti Marie. This delightful family outing was made even more special with the presence of Nick’s brother, Kevin Jonas, and his wife, Danielle.

Magical Moments Captured

Priyanka and Nick's heartwarming family outing at Disney World, capturing magical moments in Orlando.

In a heartwarming video shared by an ardent fan, the trio was seen arriving at Disney World, with Priyanka lovingly cradling their precious daughter, Malti Marie, alongside Nick Jonas. The family’s laid-back, casual attire set the tone for a day filled with fun and joy, as they explored the enchanting theme park.

Expressions of Love and Support

Fans couldn’t help but express their adoration for this beautiful family. One admirer shared their sentiments, saying, “Love seeing them out with their families, having fun!” Another enthusiast wrote, “So nice to see the family having a great time.”

Unseen Moments Revealed

In another post shared by a fan, unseen pictures of Priyanka, Nick, and Malti were unveiled. These intimate snapshots depict the family relishing some pool time and creating precious memories together. Additionally, these pictures showcase Priyanka in the same pink dress she wore to The Jonas Brothers’ recent concert in Orlando.

Malti Marie’s Sweet Presence at Nick’s Concert

Priyanka Chopra has been a constant presence at her husband Nick Jonas’s concerts, where he performs with his brothers, Kevin and Joe. She is often seen in a glamorous avatar, wholeheartedly supporting and cheering for Nick from the audience. In a recent music show, the experience was made even more special as she brought their daughter, Malti, along, capturing the hearts of everyone in attendance.

Viral Moments of Joy

Videos of the adorable little Malti clapping for her dad went viral on social media. In one heartwarming moment, she reached for Nick’s mic, and he planted a sweet kiss on her head. Another touching scene featured Malti giving a high five to her uncle Joe. A visual also showcased Kevin and Danielle’s daughter, Valentina, enjoying the concert while sitting on Priyanka’s shoulders.

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