Premalu’s Box Office Triumph: Second Weekend Exceeds First, Achieves 45Cr Milestone Globally In 10 Days

Malayalam blockbuster film, “Premalu,” is creating waves at the box office, surpassing expectations with remarkable collections. In just 10 days, it has not only outperformed its opening weekend but also crossed the 45Cr milestone globally.

Premalu’s Second Weekend Triumph

"Premalu, the Malayalam sensation, smashes records with a second weekend 40% higher than the first, crossing the 45Cr mark worldwide in just 10 days."

The film’s second weekend saw an impressive 40% increase in box office earnings compared to the first weekend. The Indian box office alone recorded a staggering Rs. 9.75 crore during the second weekend, solidifying “Premalu” as a blockbuster hit.

Global Box Office Success

With a cumulative collection of 45Cr worldwide within the first 10 days, “Premalu” has proven its widespread appeal. This remarkable achievement positions the film as a significant player in the global box office arena.

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