Premalu’s Box Office Saga: Sustaining Momentum And Conquering Milestones

Premalu, the latest cinematic sensation, is proving its mettle at the box office with an exceptional hold in its third week. Audiences continue to flock to theaters, contributing to the film’s sustained success. This remarkable performance in the third week solidifies Premalu’s status as a crowd-puller.

Eyeing a 50Cr Milestone in Kerala

The film’s success is not limited to a specific region, as it sets its sights on a monumental milestone in Kerala. With a strong showing at the box office, Premalu is on track to cross the 50Cr mark in Kerala alone. This achievement highlights the film’s widespread appeal and popularity among the audience in the region.

Global Triumph with 68Cr Worldwide Collections

"Dive into the cinematic phenomenon as Premalu continues its third-week reign, poised to achieve a historic 50Cr milestone in Kerala. The global box office success stands at an impressive 68Cr, solidifying Premalu's undeniable impact on audiences worldwide."

Premalu is not just a local success story; it has become a global phenomenon. The film’s worldwide box office collections have soared to an impressive 68Cr, attesting to its universal appeal. Audiences worldwide are embracing Premalu, making it a bonafide international hit.

Premalu’s Unstoppable Box Office Journey

Premalu’s journey at the box office continues to be nothing short of spectacular. With a solid hold in its third week, eyes set on a 50Cr milestone in Kerala, and worldwide collections reaching 68Cr, Premalu is undeniably a cinematic triumph. The film’s success is a testament to its compelling storytelling, captivating performances, and the unwavering support of its global audience.

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