Park Eun Bin Contemplates Lead Role In Hyper Knife Drama

Park Eun Bin, renowned for her versatile roles from “Hot Stove League” to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is currently in discussions to take on the lead role in the upcoming medical drama, “Hyper Knife.”

Namoo Actors Releases Statement

"Dive into the possibility of Park Eun Bin portraying a psychopathic doctor in the medical drama Hyper Knife. Details on the plot and cast inside."

Namoo Actors, Park Eun Bin’s agency, has confirmed that the actress has been offered the lead role in “Hyper Knife” and is actively reviewing the opportunity. The drama, a medical crime thriller, explores the narrative of a psychopathic doctor, with the script penned by Kim Seon Hee, known for “God’s Quiz: Reboot.”

Plot Overview of Hyper Knife

The drama follows the story of Jung Se Ok, played by Park Eun Bin, a prodigious individual with a fascination for human brain studies. Jung Se Ok, entering medical school at a young age, faces the loss of her medical license amid accusations of murdering her mentor, Choi Deok Hee.

Casting Choices

In addition to Park Eun Bin, veteran actor Sol Kyung Gu is contemplating the role of Professor Choi Deok Hee in the drama. Sol Kyung Gu, recognized for roles in “Oasis” and “The Merciless,” received the offer in November.

Park Eun Bin’s Career Highlights

Park Eun Bin’s career trajectory includes diverse roles, from a child actor to lead roles in projects such as “Hello, My Twenties!” and “The King’s Affection.” Notably, her portrayal of a rookie attorney with autism in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” received acclaim, leading to her recognition at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Anticipated Fan Event

After completing her latest project, “Castaway Diva,” showcasing her singing talent, Park Eun Bin is set to connect with fans at the 2024 Eunbin Park FAN CONCERT on January 6, 2024.

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