Oscars 2024 Pays Tribute To Lagaan Art Director Nitin Desai In Emotional ‘In Memoriam’ Segment

The 96th Academy Awards took a moment to pay homage to the illustrious career of Nitin Desai, the acclaimed art director known for his groundbreaking work on the iconic film, Lagaan.

A Cinematic Legacy Acknowledged

In a moving ‘In Memoriam’ segment, the Oscars 2024 recognized Nitin Desai’s significant contributions to the world of cinema. The art director’s indelible mark on Lagaan and numerous other projects resonated with the audience, earning him a place of honor in the prestigious memorial tribute.

Lagaan’s Visionary Art Director Remembered

"The 96th Academy Awards poignantly remembered Nitin Desai, the visionary art director behind Lagaan, in a heartfelt 'In Memoriam' tribute. A fitting acknowledgment of his enduring cinematic legacy."

Nitin Desai’s impact as the art director of Lagaan has left an enduring legacy in Indian cinema. The Oscars’ heartfelt acknowledgment reflects the profound influence Desai had on shaping the visual narrative of this cinematic masterpiece.

A Fitting Tribute to a Creative Force

As the Academy Awards commemorated Nitin Desai in the ‘In Memoriam’ section, the global film community collectively recognized and celebrated the artistic brilliance that continues to inspire generations of filmmakers.

Stay tuned for more updates and reflections on the Oscars 2024 as we honor the remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

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