OMG 2’s Impressive Day 12 Box Office Collections: Akshay Kumar & Pankaj Tripathi Lead

In another successful development for the film “OMG 2,” it raked in an impressive 3.50 crores* on its 12th day at the box office. The movie’s consistent performance is evident despite its limited release scale. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the unique theme, genre, and targeted audience of the film. As it enters its second week in theaters, the film’s hold on the audience remains strong.

Steady Momentum on Day 12

Tuesday proved to be another fruitful day for “OMG 2” as it added 3.50 crores* to its box office earnings. The film’s ability to maintain its collection pace is a testament to its enduring appeal. Despite the challenges of a limited-scale release, the movie’s box office success is underscored by factors such as its theme, genre, and specific target audience.

Footfalls at Multiplexes and Competitive Landscape

OMG 2 maintains strong box office momentum on Day 12, collecting 3.50 crores*. Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi's film excels with limited-scale success.

The film’s success story is highlighted by its performance primarily at multiplexes. The footfalls at these venues continue to contribute significantly to its overall box office figures. However, there’s a sentiment that the film’s collections could have been even more robust if not for its A certificate rating. Even the awarding of a UA certificate might have led to better collections, even in the face of competition from films like “Gadar 2.”

Catering to Family Audiences

With limited family-oriented entertainment options available, “OMG 2” has strategically positioned itself as a preferred choice for family audiences. This focus on providing content for a specific audience segment has undoubtedly played a role in its sustained box office performance. The film’s accessibility primarily to restricted audiences has been integral to its quest for substantial box office returns.

An Impressive Box Office Journey

“OMG 2,” featuring leading actors Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, has reached a significant milestone by crossing the 120 crores mark, currently standing at an estimated 121.17 crores*. The film’s trajectory is set to continue, with its collections poised to approach the 125 crores mark. The path to the coveted 150 crores milestone appears feasible, with only 25 crores left to achieve.

The Future Path

As the coming weekend approaches, “OMG 2” will face new competition from “Dream Girl 2.” If the film can manage to amass around 12-13 crores during this period, it would place it on a promising trajectory towards the 150 crores milestone. Despite being estimates, the film’s performance demonstrates its potential for success.

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