OMG 2 Box Office Day 19: Impressive Growth On 3rd Tuesday, Set For Strong Performance Ahead

OMG 2 continues its remarkable journey, experiencing even greater success on its third Tuesday. The film’s collections crossed the 1 crore mark once again, surpassing Monday’s earnings of 1.25 crores. Tuesday’s collections surged to an impressive 1.40 crore. This surge places the film in a strong position to maintain its momentum, comfortably crossing the 1.50 crore mark over the next two days. Despite facing challenges like the clash with Gadar 2 and the release of Dream Girl 2 this week, OMG 2 maintains its stable performance.

Navigating Competition and Challenges

In the world of cinema, a solo run is a rare occurrence. While avoiding clashes during the release week is practical, it’s unrealistic to expect no competition during the initial three to four weeks. Despite these challenges, OMG 2, starring Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, has managed to excel. The film’s business remains strong despite an A certificate and the formidable competition posed by Gadar 2, which cost it approximately 25 crores in earnings. Given its unique subject matter, this Amit Rai film stands out as a pioneer, achieving a milestone.

Marching Toward Milestones

Akshay Kumar & Pankaj Tripathi's OMG 2 witnesses remarkable growth on its third Tuesday, crossing 1.40 crore collections. The film gears up for a promising run amid competition.

The total collection of OMG 2 has reached an impressive 138.57 crores. With a notable surge in collections anticipated today, a substantial boost would propel the film close to the 141 crores mark by the end of the day. This achievement will mark the beginning of the film’s journey towards the coveted 150 crores landmark, closely observed by enthusiasts and experts alike.

OMG 2 continues to shine at the box office, demonstrating substantial growth on its third Tuesday. Despite facing competition and challenges, the film’s strong subject matter and performances have helped it stand out and achieve significant success. As it inches closer to the 150 crores landmark, the film’s performance remains under close scrutiny.

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