Nikki Tamboli’s Powerful Response To Trolls Who Labeled Her A ‘P*rn Star’

Nikki Tamboli, well-known for her stint in Bigg Boss 14, has confronted derogatory remarks head-on after being labeled a ‘p*rn star’ by relentless online trolls. In a strong and defiant response, she questions the double standards of those who criticize her while indulging in similar content.

A Sensational Online Presence

Nikki Tamboli’s social media presence has been impactful and undeniable. Her recent appearance in the dance number ‘Cocktail’ from the movie Jogira SaRa Ra Ra, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma, has sparked discussions about her bold avatars and plunging necklines. Trolls have even drawn comparisons to adult stars, prompting Nikki to address the issue.

Embracing Empowerment

Nikki Tamboli, of Bigg Boss 14 fame, asserts her strength against derogatory remarks, highlighting the importance of respect for all individuals.

The star confidently embraces her sensuous online persona. Recently, she shared an alluring image, showcasing her confidence and self-expression. While she has garnered praise, there are those who choose to criticize her choices.

A Response that Resonates

In a candid conversation with Hindustan Times, Nikki Tamboli stood strong in the face of derogatory remarks. She conveyed, “You can call me anything and everything, and that simply doesn’t shake my sense of stability. I’m not seeking validation from individuals who spend their time on social media to troll instead of constructively engage.”

Respect for All

Nikki Tamboli underscored the importance of respecting everyone’s choices and paths. She voiced, “Comparing me or anyone else to an adult film star is an insult to those ladies. Demeaning one woman to demean another makes no sense. These same individuals who critique also enjoy similar content with lustful eyes. Even adult film stars deserve basic human respect.”

Defying Negativity

Remaining resilient in the face of negativity, Nikki Tamboli asserted her strength. She stated, “The more you react, the more trolls try to attack on a personal level. However, realizing this is often one-sided, they might eventually tire and cease commenting. Regardless, it doesn’t deter me from living my empowered life.”

A Forward Momentum

Nikki Tamboli’s journey continues, marked by her unyielding spirit. Her response stands as a testament to self-confidence and resilience. As she navigates the world of showbiz, her message remains clear – empowerment transcends negativity.

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