Nana Patekar’s Controversial Slap: Fan Interrupts Varanasi Shoot For Selfie

Actor Nana Patekar, currently engrossed in shooting for his upcoming project “Journey” in Varanasi, created a stir on the internet as a video surfaced capturing him slapping a fan who interrupted his shoot for a selfie. The film also features Utkarsh Sharma.

Video Goes Viral: Nana Patekar’s On-Set Slap

Nana Patekar slaps boy taking selfie with him during his shoot for Journey in Varanasi

"Actor Nana Patekar creates a stir as he slaps a fan interrupting his Varanasi film shoot. Internet reacts to the viral video of the incident during 'Journey' shooting."

During the filming of “Journey” in Varanasi, Nana Patekar was seen slapping a young boy who approached him for a selfie, disrupting the ongoing shoot. The actor’s response, captured in a viral video, has sparked various reactions online.

Internet’s Response to Nana Patekar’s Actions

Here’s how the internet reacted to Nana Patekar’s video

Following the video’s circulation, the internet erupted with diverse reactions. Comments ranged from advising the necessity of seeking permission before taking a photo to expressions of outrage at Patekar’s behavior. Some even speculated if the incident was part of an advertisement or shoot.

Utkarsh Sharma’s Perspective on ‘Journey’

Utkarsh Sharma’s take on Journey

Utkarsh Sharma, who shares the screen with Nana Patekar in “Journey,” expressed his excitement about the project. The film, helmed by Anil Sharma, is currently being shot in Varanasi. Utkarsh highlighted the film’s resonance with Indian sentiments and conveyed confidence in its success.

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