Mike Tyson’s £500K/Month Cannabis Business: From Boxer To Bud Mogul

In a surprising turn of events, former professional boxer and actor Mike Tyson has transitioned into a lucrative cannabis business. Learn how this legendary athlete, known for his heavyweight boxing career from 1987 to 1990, managed to turn his fortunes around.

£500K/Month from Cannabis Business

Former boxer Mike Tyson is making headlines with his £500K/month cannabis business. Discover how he's turning a legal drug farm into a 418-acre weed-themed resort that could rival Coachella, and even starting a university for aspiring cannabis cultivators.

Mike Tyson’s cannabis business has been making headlines for its impressive earnings. As per a 2022 report by The Sun, Tyson is believed to be earning around £500,000 per month, which is approximately $624,735. This substantial income is primarily generated from his legal drug farm, where he produces and sells premium marijuana products, including strains, edibles, and extracts.

Ambitious Expansion Plans

What’s even more intriguing is that Tyson’s cannabis business is just the tip of the iceberg. The former boxer has ambitious plans for the future of his weed-related ventures.

418-acre Weed-Themed Holiday Resort

One of the most exciting developments is Tyson’s plan to create a 418-acre weed-themed holiday resort. This resort is envisioned to be much more than just a place for relaxation. Tyson hopes that it could serve as a venue for a music festival that would rival some of America’s top music festivals, including the renowned Coachella festival.

World’s Longest Lazy River

In addition to hosting music festivals, Tyson’s resort is expected to feature a unique attraction—a lazy river that could potentially become the world’s longest. This innovative concept is designed to offer visitors an unforgettable experience in a cannabis-themed environment.

Tyson University for Cannabis Cultivation

Beyond the resort, Mike Tyson has plans to expand his legal weed business further by establishing Tyson University. This educational institution would be located on-site and would serve as a hub for teaching cannabis cultivation tips and techniques to aspiring farmers.

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