Lokesh Kanagaraj’s LCU To Feature A Prequel Short Film For Kaithi, Confirms Actor Narain

In a recent interaction, Malayalam actor Narain, known for his roles in Kaithi and Vikram, dropped a bombshell for fans of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s cinematic universe (LCU). Here’s a closer look at the revelation and what it means for the expanding LCU.

Narain Unveils the Origin Story

"In a recent interaction, actor Narain spills the beans on a 10-minute prequel short film connected to Lokesh Kanagaraj's Cinematic Universe (LCU). The film, set before Kaithi, promises to unveil the origin story, adding an exciting layer to the expanding universe."

During a discussion with college students about his upcoming film “Queen Elizabeth,” Narain was asked about the highly anticipated Kaithi 2. While unable to share detailed insights, the actor disclosed that he and Lokesh Kanagaraj have completed a 10-minute short film connected to LCU. This short film will serve as the origin story for the entire cinematic universe.

LCU’s Timeline Unveiled

Narain provided insights into the timeline of LCU’s expansion. He mentioned, “Lokesh is currently working on his next film with Rajini sir, and only after that will Kaithi 2 happen.” This announcement aligns with Lokesh’s confirmation that Kaithi 2 is in the pipeline.

Lokesh Cinematic Universe Overview

LCU, or Lokesh Cinematic Universe, began with Karthi starrer Kaithi and expanded with Vikram starring Kamal Haasan. The universe also features Thalapathy Vijay as Leo and Suriya as the main antagonist. Despite Lokesh’s ongoing project with Rajinikanth (Thalaivar 171), Kaithi 2 is firmly on the horizon, along with Lokesh’s debut production, “Fight Club,” scheduled for release on December 15th, 2023.

Looking Ahead

As Lokesh Kanagaraj continues to make waves in the film industry, the confirmation of a prequel short film for Kaithi adds another layer of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting the expansion of LCU. Stay tuned for further updates as the cinematic universe takes shape.

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